Acne keloid

acne keloid

acne keloid n.
A chronic eruption of fibrous papules that develop at the site of follicular lesions, usually on the back of the neck at the hairline, seen most commonly in Black men. Also called dermatitis papillaris capillitii, folliculitis keloidalis.

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  • Acne keratosa

    acne keratosa acne keratosa acne ker·a·to·sa (kěr’ə-tō’sə) n. An inflammatory eruption of papules consisting of horny plugs projecting from the hair follicles.

  • Acne medicamentosa

    acne medicamentosa acne medicamentosa acne med·i·ca·men·to·sa (měd’ĭ-kə-mən-tō’sə) n. Acne caused or exacerbated by several types of drugs, such as antiepileptics, halogens, and steroids.

  • Acne papulosa

    acne papulosa acne papulosa acne pap·u·lo·sa (pāp’yə-lō’sə) n. Acne vulgaris in which papular lesions predominate.

  • Acne punctata

    acne punctata acne punctata acne punc·ta·ta (pŭngk-tā’tə) n. A condition resembling chloracne in that central blackheads are present in all the lesions.

  • Acne pustulosa

    acne pustulosa acne pustulosa acne pus·tu·lo·sa (pŭs’tyə-lō’sə) n. Acne vulgaris in which pustular lesions predominate.

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