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the citadel or high fortified area of an ancient Greek city.
the Acropolis, the citadel of Athens and the site of the Parthenon.
Contemporary Examples

Neolithic humans lived in the caves pocking its slopes, and by around 1400 BCE a fortified palace was built atop the acropolis.
Virgin Sacrifice and the Meaning of the Parthenon Nick Romeo February 11, 2014

One temple on the acropolis bears cuts in its marble where the shields of slain enemies were displayed.
Virgin Sacrifice and the Meaning of the Parthenon Nick Romeo February 11, 2014

The acropolis Museum opened in Athens last weekend amid controversy that Greek officials did everything possible to stir up.
Greece’s Modern Wonder Linda Yablonsky June 24, 2009

He looked up through the porthole and saw, perfectly framed, the acropolis.
Remembering the Man Who Brought Jaws—and Me—to the Shelves Christopher Buckley December 22, 2008

By the end of the fifth century, the Parthenon and two other temples stood on the acropolis.
Virgin Sacrifice and the Meaning of the Parthenon Nick Romeo February 11, 2014

Historical Examples

The acropolis museum, a building of recent date, contains an interesting and valuable collection of works of art found here.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 2 Various

But he entered the acropolis a conqueror,” says our Scribe; “he won the battle.
The Book of Khalid Ameen Rihani

When his plans were all ready, he took possession of the acropolis by force.
The Story of the Greeks H. A. Guerber

Here we are,” he said cheerily, “and just as safe as though we were in the acropolis at Athens.
The River of Darkness William Murray Graydon

This, I take it, is the message of the acropolis to the Christian.
Atlantic Classics, Second Series Henry C. Merwin

the citadel of an ancient Greek city
the citadel of Athens on which the Parthenon and the Erechtheum stand

1660s, from Greek akropolis “citadel” (especially that of Athens), from akros “highest, upper” (see acrid) + polis “city” (see polis).
Acropolis [(uh-krop-uh-lis)]

The fortified high point of ancient Athens. Once the center of Athenian life, the Acropolis is now the site of famous ruins, including the Parthenon. In Greek, the word means “high” (acro) “city” (polis).


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