Actual sin

any sin committed by an individual of his or her free will, as contrasted with original sin.
Historical Examples

Understand this, and you will understand what original and actual sin is, and what grace and duty are.
A Christian Directory (Part 4 of 4) Richard Baxter

It says that of original sin: but it is equally true of actual sin.
The Water of Life Charles Kingsley

actual sin consists in breaking any law of God made known to us by Scripture, conscience, or reason.
Exposition of the Apostles Creed James Dodds

His is the only rule against which rebellion is more than a political crime, and becomes an actual sin.
The Expositor’s Bible: The Book of Proverbs R. F. Horton

The moral lapse to which she admitted was as incomprehensible to this cool and level-headed observer of nineteen as actual sin.
Kildares of Storm Eleanor Mercein Kelly

actual sin is all evil thoughts and desires, words and acts, springing from original sin.
Luther’s Small Catechism H. U. Sverdrup

And yet so much were they misled by mere appearances, that they thought it an actual sin to make a man whole on the Sabbath-day.
The Gospel of St. John Frederick Denison Maurice

Neither the stain of original sin, nor the guilt of actual sin, ever obscured the mirror of thy soul.
Mary, Help of Christians Various

I heard Elder Kennoch say we may have a hope that God will eventually take pity on those babes who have done no actual sin.
Prisoners of Conscience Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

She never dimmed the luster of sanctifying grace which beautified her soul by actual sin.
Mary, Help of Christians Various

(Christianity) any sin that a person commits of his own free will and for which he is personally responsible Compare original sin

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