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to introduce the into (a compound).


Read Also:

  • Acylation

    to introduce the into (a compound). noun the introduction into a chemical compound of an acyl group

  • Acyloin

    a hydroxy ketone of the general formula RCOCHOHR, where R is an element or group.

  • Acyltransferase

    acyltransferase acyltransferase ac·yl·trans·fer·ase (ās’əl-trāns’fə-rās’, -rāz’) n. An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of an acyl group from an acyl CoA to various acceptors. Also called transacylase.

  • Acystia

    acystia acystia a·cys·ti·a (ā-sĭs’tē-ə, ə-sĭs’-) n. Congenital absence of the urinary bladder.

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