Ad int.

ad interim.
Latin ad interim (in the meantime)

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  • Ad interim

    in the meantime. Historical Examples Francisco Rizzo—General; becomes governor (ad interim), 1898. The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XVII, 1609-1616 Various About the same period the vacant post of Kapellmeister at the Darmstadt Court was given to him ad interim. The Violoncello and Its History Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski First:—The extension of the ad interim term […]

  • Ad kalendas graecas

    at no time; never: from the fact that the Greeks did not reckon dates by calends.

  • Ad lib

    something improvised in speech, music, etc.: Was that joke part of your speech or an ad lib? at one’s pleasure; without restriction. freely; as needed; without stint: Water can be given to the patients ad lib. to improvise all or part of (a speech, a piece of music, etc.): to ad-lib one’s lines. to act, […]

  • Ad libitum

    at one’s pleasure. Music. not obligatory or indispensable. Abbreviation: ad lib. Historical Examples Problematical judgements are those in which the affirmation or negation is accepted as merely possible (ad libitum). The Critique of Pure Reason Immanuel Kant I dwell in my sky-parlor and become Jupiter the while, ad libitum. The Dramatic Values in Plautus Wilton […]

  • Ad litteram

    to the letter; exactly.

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