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Ad litteram

to the letter; exactly.


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  • Ad litem

    for the particular action or proceeding: a guardian ad litem. adjective (formerly, esp of a guardian) appointed for a lawsuit adjective for the purposes of a lawsuit or legal action only, esp. referring to a temporary guardian Examples Guardian ad litem is the term for a person appointed to protect the legal interests of someone […]

  • Ad loc.

    at or to the place. Historical Examples Lines 44-49 are said by Servius, ad loc., to be quoted from Gallus (‘de ipsius translati carminibus’). The Student’s Companion to Latin Authors George Middleton Even Bhr, ad loc., admits that the narrative is of later date, and has received a traditional colouring. The Expositor’s Bible: The First […]

  • Ad majorem dei gloriam

    for the greater glory of God: motto of the Jesuits. Historical Examples The society designated their object by Loyola’s motto—Omnia ad majorem Dei gloriam. Mysticism and its Results John Delafield Even among the Jesuits, with their corrupted theology, the motto emblazoned on their standard was, ad majorem Dei gloriam. Beacon Lights of History, Volume VII […]

  • Ad out

    (def 5). ad in, the advantage being scored by the server. ad out, the advantage being scored by the receiver. Contemporary Examples A new Obama ad out this week describes McCain as erratic in crisis. When exactly did John McCain become Mad Max? Tucker Carlson October 4, 2008 Historical Examples “You can take that ad […]

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