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Historical Examples

At Arcore is the villa of the adda family with a modern chapel.
Italian Highways and Byways from a Motor Car Francis Miltoun

I am living in the country not far from the banks of the adda.
Petrarch’s Letters to Classical Authors Francesco Petrarca

Intently listening, to ascertain if his senses did not deceive him, he cried out, “It is the adda!”
The Betrothed Alessandro Manzoni

On the banks of the adda Napoleon won the battle of Lodi in 1796.
The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 1 Various

And now 202 along the banks of the adda are little plots of level ground, which admit of other cultivation.
From the Lakes of Killarney to the Golden Horn Henry M. Field

Sister adda Engle also expressed herself as being ready for the work.
South and South Central Africa H. Frances Davidson

The adda has very steep banks at that place—the river was dark and swollen from all the snow on the mountains.
Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays Various

The two armies met on the banks of the adda, which flows into the northern part of the Lake of Como.
The Empire of Russia John S. C. Abbott

Again the commander burst forth with petulant reproaches, and even talked of retiring to the adda.
The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) John Holland Rose

They proclaimed a leve en masse, and prepared to fortify the lines of the adda.
The Revolutionary Movement of 1848-9 in Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany C. Edmund (Charles Edmund) Maurice

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