Charles (Samuel) 1912–88, U.S. cartoonist.
Jane, 1860–1935, U.S. social worker and writer: Nobel Peace Prize 1931.
Contemporary Examples

When you had the bit part as a police desk sergeant in the film Addams Family Values, was it your dream one day to play Gomez?
Nathan Lane’s Final Musical? Kevin Sessums April 7, 2010

You also had a pretty uncomfortable costume in The Addams Family, which is surprising, since your performance feels so effortless.
All Eyes on Anjelica Huston: The Legendary Actress on Love, Abuse, and Jack Nicholson Alex Suskind November 9, 2014

Addams is so distinctive as a Gothic artist because there is something sweet and whimsical about his work.
Charles Addams’ New York Rachel Syme March 17, 2010

This “Popular Song” music video is The Addams Family meets… Wicked.
Empire of the Sun & More of the Best Music Videos of the Week (VIDEO) Jean Trinh May 4, 2013

Anyway, that’s all I remember from my one day of shooting Addams Family Values.
Nathan Lane’s Final Musical? Kevin Sessums April 7, 2010

Historical Examples

Miss Addams is still puzzled and grieved by the response her words about drugged soldiers called out.
Our Part in the Great War Arthur Gleason

“They’re coming on, the Addams breed of citizens,” said they.
The Precipice Elia Wilkinson Peattie

Within a short time Mrs. Addams was chosen massire, a position she held until the school closed.
The Life of James McNeill Whistler Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Mrs. Addams has told us of the great success of one, Miss Prince, who had never been in an art school.
The Life of James McNeill Whistler Elizabeth Robins Pennell

So, until Miss Addams should deign to declare herself, it seemed as if whist or dancing might break out at any moment.
Gray youth Oliver Onions

Jane. 1860–1935, US social reformer, feminist, and pacifist, who founded Hull House, a social settlement in Chicago: Nobel peace prize 1931

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