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a thing to be added; an addition.
an appendix to a book.

the radial distance between the tip of a gear tooth and the pitch circle of a gear or the pitch line of a rack.
Compare .
Also called addendum circle. an imaginary circle touching the tips of the teeth on a gear.

Contemporary Examples

Overall, the plurality of voices—of young Helga and the author making revisions and addendums to the text decades later—mesh well.
This Week’s Hot Reads: April 29, 2013 G. Clay Whittaker, Jen Vafidis April 28, 2013

Historical Examples

He knew how I hated a talkative person, and yet he stampedes into the conversation with his amendments and addendums of syntax.
Heart of the West O. Henry

noun (pl) -da (-də)
something added; an addition
a supplement or appendix to a book, magazine, etc
the radial distance between the major and pitch cylinders of an external screw thread
the radial distance between the pitch circle and tip of a gear tooth

1794, literally “something added,” from Latin addendum, neuter of addendus “that which is to be added,” gerundive of addere (see add (v.)). Classical plural form is addenda.


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