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the act or state of adhering; state of being adhered or united:
the adhesion of parts united by growth.
steady or devoted attachment, support, etc.; adherence.
assent; concurrence.
Physics. the molecular force of attraction in the area of contact between unlike bodies that acts to hold them together.
Compare (def 2).

the abnormal union of adjacent tissues.
the tissue involved.

Botany. the union of normally separate parts.

the frictional resistance of rails to the tendency of driving wheels to slip.

Historical Examples

The taking of Mekka was soon followed by the adhesion of all Arabia.
Selections From The Kur-an Edward William Lane

With the adhesion of New York all serious anxiety came to an end.
The Critical Period of American History John Fiske

adhesion, then, is the force that makes things cling to each other when they are very close together.
Common Science Carleton W. Washburne

It is the adhesion of woman to this view of the case which puzzles us a little at first.
Modern Women and What is Said of Them Anonymous

The adhesion of Genoa was secured, and a road thereby obtained into central Italy.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1 Various

In other instances it is due to an adhesion of the pedicel to the side of the fruit.
Vegetable Teratology Maxwell T. Masters

Munroe adhered to the coalition, but his adhesion was kept a profound secret till the time came for action.
Monk Julian Corbett

The attendant judges, each in his place, now added their adhesion.
Jeanne d’Arc Mrs.(Margaret) Oliphant

He had come to bring some message from the convalescent August, and had been detained by the attraction of adhesion.
The End Of The World Edward Eggleston

The cohesion of the water to itself is not so strong as its adhesion to the glass.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

the quality or condition of sticking together or holding fast
ability to make firm contact without skidding or slipping
attachment or fidelity, as to a political party, cause, etc
an attraction or repulsion between the molecules of unlike substances in contact: distinguished from cohesion
(pathol) abnormal union of structures or parts

1620s, from French adhésion or directly from Latin adhaesionem (nominative adhaesio) “a sticking to,” noun of action from past participle stem of adhaerare (see adherent).

Adhesion is generally used in the material, and adherence in the metaphysical sense. [Johnson]

adhesion ad·he·sion (ād-hē’zhən)

A condition in which body tissues that are normally separate grow together.

A fibrous band of scar tissue that binds together normally separate anatomical structures.

The union of opposing surfaces of a wound, especially in healing. Also called conglutination.


The force of attraction that causes two different substances to join. Adhesion causes water to spread out over glass. Compare cohesion.

A fibrous band of abnormal tissue that binds together tissues that are normally separate. Adhesions form during the healing of some wounds, usually as a result of inflammation.

The molecular (see molecule) attraction that holds the surfaces of two dissimilar substances together. (Compare cohesion.)


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