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a female given name.
Historical Examples

The sympiezometer was invented in 1818 by Adie of Edinburgh.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3 Various

The Adie standard barometer is so arranged that it is only necessary to read the summit of the mercury.
The South Pole, Volumes 1 and 2 Roald Amundsen

Adie, of whom nothing is known, was doubtless the carpenter or bricklayer who actually did the work.
The Cultural History of Marlborough, Virginia C. Malcolm Watkins

“I should not be surprised if you and Adie find yourselves inclined to take a long morning nap after your journey,” he said.
Mildred at Roselands Martha Finley

Kathryn, known as Kate. born 1945, British television journalist, noted esp. for her frontline reporting of revolutions, wars, etc


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  • Adie syndrome

    adie syndrome Adie syndrome n. See Holmes-Adie syndrome.

  • Adie’s pupil

    adie’s pupil Adie’s pupil A·die’s pupil (ā’dēz) n. See Holmes-Adie syndrome.

  • Adiel

    adiel ornament of God. (1.) The father of Azmaveth, who was treasurer under David and Solomon (1 Chr. 27:25). (2.) A family head of the tribe of Simeon (1 Chr. 4:36). (3.) A priest (1 Chr. 9:12).

  • Adient

    tending to move toward a stimulus.

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