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goodbye; farewell.
the act of leaving or departing; farewell.
Historical Examples

They had gone about six miles from the Fort when she reined in and waited for the others to come up, then made her adieux.
The Shadow of Victory Myrtle Reed

They made their adieux, and the schoolmaster, opening his door, peered out.
The Trampling of the Lilies Rafael Sabatini

If I do not see the ladies, for I believe they are out walking, will you make my excuses and my adieux?
Lord Kilgobbin Charles Lever

I ‘m off to Oughter-ard, having made my adieux at Cro’ Martin.
The Martins Of Cro’ Martin, Vol. I (of II) Charles James Lever

He took his leave, moving lightly to the door, almost grotesque in his elaborate evolutions and adieux.
The Crimson Tide Robert W. Chambers

There were no adieux to make, for Annette declined to see him.
Despair’s Last Journey David Christie Murray

“I come to make my adieux,” he whispered, with a glance towards the door.
The Vanished Messenger E. Phillips Oppenheim

Therefore her adieux and thanks to Mr. Gwynne were somewhat abrupt.
Olive Dinah Maria Craik, (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)

One of these interviews occurred after his final evening adieux to the Cardross family and to Hamil.
The Firing Line Robert W. Chambers

Then Murray and Helen made their adieux, and all went away together.
We Ten Lyda Farrington Kraus

sentence substitute, noun (pl) adieus, adieux (əˈdjuːz; French) (adjø)
goodbye; farewell

late 14c., adewe, from French adieu, from phrase a dieu (vous) commant “I commend (you) to God,” from a “to” (see ad) + dieu “God,” from Latin deum, accusative of deus “god,” from PIE *deiwos (see Zeus). Originally said to the party left; farewell was to the party setting forth.


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