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  • Adin

    adin effeminate. (1.) Ezra 8:6. (2.) Neh. 10:16. Contemporary Examples “Nobody was alive that we could ask if the clothes were burned off if they were naked before they were burned,” adin said. Afghan Victims’ Harrowing Testimony From the Robert Bales Trial Winston Ross November 10, 2012 “She was shot on her head, and the […]

  • Adina

    adina slender, one of David’s warriors (1 Chr. 11:42), a Reubenite. Historical Examples adina is divided between the attractions of Nemorino and those of the Sergeant Belcore, who is quartered in the village. The Opera R.A. Streatfeild To this adina, still under the influence of pique, consents. The Complete Opera Book Gustav Kobb Usnul ast […]

  • Adino

    adino the Eznite, one of David’s mighty men (2 Sam. 23:8). (See JASHOBEAM.) Historical Examples adino commenced practice in 1808 at Kingston, New Brunswick. The Loyalists of Massachusetts James H. Stark adino Paddock was the first coach-maker of the town, and was a man of substance and character. The Loyalists of Massachusetts James H. Stark […]

  • Adios

    goodbye; farewell. Historical Examples “adios, amiga mia,” she said, her eyes innocently turning from the Señora Simpson to scan stealthily the northern slope. The Gringos B. M. Bower adios, señores, adios; I do not think we shall ever meet again. Under the Chilian Flag Harry Collingwood He had observed the waving of that white kerchief; […]

  • Adip-

    variant of before a vowel: adipic.

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