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the Eznite, one of David’s mighty men (2 Sam. 23:8). (See JASHOBEAM.)

Historical Examples

adino commenced practice in 1808 at Kingston, New Brunswick.
The Loyalists of Massachusetts James H. Stark

adino Paddock was the first coach-maker of the town, and was a man of substance and character.
The Loyalists of Massachusetts James H. Stark

The fruit of this union was ten children, of whom three sons, adino, Thomas and John were educated physicians.
The Loyalists of Massachusetts James H. Stark

Mr. Deblois had asked Paddock to keep an eye to their safety, and adino Paddock performed this duty faithfully.
The Loyalists of Massachusetts James H. Stark

Surgeon adino Paddock was a leading physician, and the progenitor of a long line of descendants, who practiced the healing art.
Glimpses of the Past W. O. Raymond


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