tending or serving to ; warning:
an admonitory gesture.
Historical Examples

On this especial August evening Mrs. Frank was in an admonitory frame of mind.
Found in the Philippines Charles King

Deeply affecting and admonitory are some of the instances he records.
The Hero of the Humber Henry Woodcock

Indeed, the history of the Church in this region has been altogether mournful and admonitory.
The Expositor’s Bible: Ephesians G. G. Findlay

She took the girl’s hand and emitted indefinite, admonitory sounds.
Georgina’s Reasons Henry James

The chorus died; and we heard again the deep monody of the sea, like the admonitory voice of fate.
Old Junk H. M. Tomlinson

What an amount of infantile aberrations from propriety is the admonitory Paw-paw!
The Comic English Grammar Unknown

Phœbe, in an admonitory tone, suggested that she had seen the British Museum.
Hopes and Fears Charlotte M. Yonge

She would have said more, but Peggy held up an admonitory finger.
The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship Margaret Burnham

I guess all these islands look alike, sighed Tess, giving up her admonitory attitude for the moment.
The Corner House Girls on Palm Island Grace Brooks Hill

“Ye must forgive as ye would be forgiven,” said the gentle, admonitory voice of the man of God.
Little Golden’s Daughter Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller


1590s, from Late Latin admonitorius, from Latin admonitus, past participle of admonere (see admonish).

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