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a Latin epic poem by Vergil, recounting the adventures of Aeneas after the fall of Troy.
Contemporary Examples

What is the Aeneid if not a re-imagining of the Homeric epics?
The Power of Myths Sam Munson February 25, 2010

Historical Examples

A bricklayer, who had perhaps seen better times in his youth, wrote on a tile the first verse of the Aeneid.
Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume 7 Various

He used it in translating the second and fourth books of Virgil’s “Aeneid.”
A Dish Of Orts George MacDonald

The mathematician Euler could repeat the Aeneid of Virgil from beginning to end, containing nearly nine thousand lines.
A Book for All Readers Ainsworth Rand Spofford

Within a week I had read the Aeneid through, and was reading it a second time.
The Strolling Saint Raphael Sabatini

Then the ribs and decks of our schoolroom in the wrecked brig melted away as the scenes of the Aeneid surrounded us.
Captain Mugford W.H.G. Kingston

In translating the Aeneid he follows what he conceives to have been Virgil’s practice.
Early Theories of Translation Flora Ross Amos

The following is a list of the more important verse translations of the Aeneid which have appeared.
The Aeneid of Virgil Virgil

My admiration for the Aeneid is not so great, but it is none the less real.
Story of My Life Helen Keller

There is no appeal in the Aeneid to knowledge, or reason, or pleasure,—always to the will of God.
The Religious Experience of the Roman People W. Warde Fowler

an epic poem in Latin by Virgil relating the experiences of Aeneas after the fall of Troy, written chiefly to provide an illustrious historical background for Rome
Aeneid [(i-nee-id)]

An epic in Latin by Virgil. The Aeneid begins with the adventures of Aeneas and his men after the Trojan War and ends when Aeneas gains control of the Italian peninsula, which will eventually become the base of the Roman Empire.


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