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the study of the air or atmosphere.
(archaic) the description of the character of the upper atmosphere


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  • Aeromagnetic

    of, relating to, or based on an aerial survey of the earth’s : an aeromagnetic map.

  • Aerology

    the branch of meteorology involving the observation of the atmosphere by means of balloons, airplanes, etc. (in former use by the U.S. Navy) meteorology. noun the study of the atmosphere, particularly its upper layers aerology (â-rŏl’ə-jē) The branch of meteorology that studies the total vertical extent of the Earth’s atmosphere as opposed to the atmosphere […]

  • Aeromagnetics

    the science of measuring magnetic characteristics associated with atmospheric conditions of the earth. aeromagnetics (âr’ō-māg-nět’ĭks) The scientific study of the Earth’s magnetic characteristics as measured from the air.

  • Aeromechanic

    an aviation . of or relating to aeromechanics. noun an aircraft mechanic adjective of or relating to aeromechanics

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