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the of air or gases.
an aviation .
of or relating to aeromechanics.
(functioning as sing) the mechanics of gases, esp air
an aircraft mechanic
of or relating to aeromechanics


Read Also:

  • Aeromedicine

    . aeromedicine aer·o·med·i·cine (âr’ō-měd’ĭ-sĭn) n. The medical study and treatment of physiological and psychological disorders associated with atmospheric or space flight.

  • Aeromedical

    of or relating to the science or practice of aviation medicine.

  • Aerometeorograph

    a for use in aircraft. noun (mainly US) an aircraft instrument that records temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure

  • Aerometer

    an instrument for determining the weight, density, etc., of air or other gases. noun an instrument for determining the mass or density of a gas, esp air

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