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of or .
Contemporary Examples

Who has access to the tarmac side of our airports and other aeronautical facilities?
Who’s Minding the Planes? Airlines’ Overlooked Security Risk William J. McGee July 20, 2012

Historical Examples

Hence a definite branch of applied science—aeronautical Meteorology—is rapidly taking shape.
Meteorology Charles Fitzhugh Talman

Baumann was already noted for his work as an aeronautical engineer.
Zeppelin Harry Vissering

The piston rings are of special design, developed after years of experimenting in aeronautical engines.
Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag

The only firm which has in Belgium the speciality of aeronautical patents.
Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft Various

The duplex for aeronautical motors is made of cast aluminum alloy.
Aviation Engines Victor Wilfred Pag

Prominent figure in German aeronautical and aviation circles.
Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft Various

What you’ve been doing in the aeronautical line, Matt, has aroused a good deal of interest all over the country.
Motor Matt’s Daring Rescue Stanley R. Matthews

The glider in question was exhibited at the aeronautical Exhibition of 1868.
A History of Aeronautics E. Charles Vivian

What aeronautical authorities declared to be the greatest feat in the history of aviation had been successfully accomplished.
Historic Inventions Rupert S. Holland

of or relating to aeronauts or aeronautics


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    See under . the branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, testing, and production of aircraft and related systems (aeronautical engineering) and of spacecraft, missiles, rocket-propulsion systems, and other equipment operating beyond the earth’s atmosphere (astronautical engineering) Historical Examples aeronautical engineering has become one of the recognized professions. Meteorology Charles Fitzhugh Talman The […]

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