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any musical wind instrument.
Historical Examples

He felt unwell; he felt angry; if the aerophone refused to work at all to-morrow, he would care nothing.
Stella Fregelius H. Rider Haggard

I think, I really think I have nearly perfected my aerophone.
Stella Fregelius H. Rider Haggard

Can you give me a short description of the principle and construction of the aerophone?
Scientific American, Vol. XXXIX.–No. 24. [New Series.], December 14, 1878 Various

Again and again Morris spoke eagerly, entreatingly, but the aerophone was dumb.
Stella Fregelius H. Rider Haggard

With a bound he was by the aerophone and had given the answering signal.
Stella Fregelius H. Rider Haggard

To while away the weary time, Morris told his companion about his invention, the aerophone.
Stella Fregelius H. Rider Haggard

Well, a new kind of aerophone designed to work uninfluenced by its twin.
Stella Fregelius H. Rider Haggard

A further step in this line brought Edison to the “aerophone,” around which the Figaro weaved its fanciful description.
Edison, His Life and Inventions Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin


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