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an ardent devotee; fan, enthusiast.
Contemporary Examples

Since, then I have become an aficionado of the publicly uttered F-word.
A Short History of the F-Bomb John Leo April 20, 2011

For the aficionado or the neophyte, Comics is a useful overview of a richly creative period in a burgeoning art.
The Best Coffee Table Books of 2014 Robert Birnbaum December 12, 2014

So she was an aficionado of classical music, for soundtracks or otherwise?
‘Mozart in the Jungle’: Inside Amazon’s Brave New World of Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music Kevin Fallon December 22, 2014

Each is expertly introduced by Michael Sims, an aficionado of the genre.
This Week’s Hot Reads, January 2, 2012 Josh Dzieza January 3, 2012

Greenspan comes across as an adrift theoretician, an aficionado of models with no relevance to the real world.
If I Did It Paul Kedrosky October 22, 2008

Shushannah Walshe came aboard as our Sarah Palin aficionado.
The Daily Beast Turns 2! Tina Brown October 4, 2010

Historical Examples

Every man and boy in Spain is an aficionado, a bullfight “fan,” a frantic bullfight “bug.”
The Wolf Cub Patrick Casey

noun (pl) -dos (-dəʊz; Spanish) (-ðos)
an ardent supporter or devotee: a jazz aficionado
a devotee of bullfighting

1845, from Spanish aficionado “amateur,” specifically “devotee of bullfighting,” literally “fond of,” from afición “affection,” from Latin affectionem (see affection). “Most sources derive this word from the Spanish verb aficionar but the verb does not appear in Spanish before 1555, and the word aficionado is recorded in the 1400’s” [Barnhart]. In English, originally of devotees of bullfighting; in general use by 1882.


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