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the of a vessel behind the bridge house or midship section.
Historical Examples

He looked a fellow the Doctor might require, so I marked him down when he settled near a hatch on the afterdeck.
The Sea and the Jungle H. M. Tomlinson

There he could see through the dim pane of the door, gaining a view of the afterdeck.
Ruth Fielding Homeward Bound Alice B. Emerson

He could see a masthead light, her red light (with glasses), and a “glare of white lights on her afterdeck.”
Loss of the Steamship ‘Titanic’ British Government

It contracted as he watched into bulging muscular rings and withdrew from the afterdeck.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930 Various

The missionaries kept close to their cabins during the whole “flu” visitation, only appearing now and then on the afterdeck.
Adventures in Swaziland Owen Rowe O’Neil

Captain Job stood on the afterdeck, constantly shouting new orders.
The Black Buccaneer Stephen W. Meader

I lay in a steamer chair on the afterdeck, scanning the heavens for the Southern Cross.
A Woman’s Impression of the Philippines Mary H. (Mary Helen) Fee

There was a deck house amidships, with steps leading up from the afterdeck.
Owen Clancy’s Happy Trail Burt L. Standish

The streets, up which I could see from the afterdeck, looked dirty and the houses shabby.
The English in the West Indies James Anthony Froude

For hours we sat upon a beam athwart the afterdeck, in silence drinking in the strange phenomenon.
Across China on Foot Edwin Dingle

(nautical) the unprotected deck behind the bridge of a ship


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