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the frequently seen in the sky sunset; afterlight.
a second or secondary , as in heated metal before it ceases to become incandescent.
the pleasant remembrance of a past experience, glory, etc.:
She basked in the afterglow of her stage triumph.
(def 3).
Contemporary Examples

In the afterglow of the Arab Spring, Randall Lane polls the region to see what has—and hasn’t—changed.
Mideast’s Changing View of America Randall Lane September 7, 2011

But he sorted that out, and for the rest of his long life, basked in the afterglow of the Kennedy White House.
The Man with the President’s Ear, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and JFK Ted Widmer October 26, 2013

Those with a gift for harem management can leave a woman with warm, nostalgic feelings, an afterglow of romantic gratitude.
How Not to Manage a Harem Tracy Quan December 7, 2009

RULE: Wait for the afterglow to dissipate—and the pants to go on—before you pick up the phone after sex.
The 12 Rules of Sex and Tech Brian Ries, Claire Howorth November 13, 2010

If Anger Management is about the afterglow, Louie is about self-loathing.
Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ & Louis C.K.’s ‘Louie’: Comedy Clash Jace Lacob June 26, 2012

Historical Examples

Ike was right about their being sloppy, but the beacon of the afterglow gave the bearing straight through.
Down the Columbia Lewis R. Freeman

Those dots prolong the effect of a word or sentence; they lend it an afterglow.
If Winter Don’t Barry Pain

The sun sank below the horizon; the afterglow promised to be both long and beautiful.
Flamsted quarries Mary E. Waller

It was about two o’clock, and the afterglow had moved around to the north-east.
The Huntress Hulbert Footner

She never wore a hat, and the red light of the afterglow was turning her rye-hued hair to saffron.
Moran of the Lady Letty Frank Norris

the glow left after a light has disappeared, such as that sometimes seen after sunset
the glow of an incandescent metal after the source of heat has been removed
(physics) luminescence persisting on the screen of a cathode-ray tube or in a gas-discharge tube after the power supply has been disconnected
a trace, impression, etc, of past emotion, brilliance, etc

also after-glow, 1829, from after + glow (n.).


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