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Nautical. farthest aft; aftmost:
The aftermost sail is called a spanker.
hindmost; last.
Historical Examples

The aftermost oar in a boat, from which the others take their time.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

The foremost and aftermost planks of the bottom, within and without.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

I was stationed to the four aftermost carronades on the quarter-deck.
Rattlin the Reefer Edward Howard

The stage, well lighted, was built on the aftermost part of the deck.
Letters to His Children Theodore Roosevelt

The two aftermost guns were accordingly once more very carefully pointed and fired, Captain Staunton giving the word as before.
The Pirate Island Harry Collingwood

With the exception of the five in the aftermost compartment, they were “double-ended,” with the furnaces facing fore and aft.
An Unsinkable Titanic John Bernard Walker

So saying, he led the way to the aftermost mess on the port side of the ship.
Young Tom Bowling J.C. Hutcheson

Sancho was seated on the captain’s stage, close to the aftermost rower on the right-hand side.
The History of Don Quixote, Vol. II., Part 39 Miguel de Cervantes

If the aftermost mast is not square-rigged, the order is foremast, main, mizzen and jigger.
Golden Days for Boys and Girls, Vol. XIII, Nov. 28, 1891 Various

“Try the aftermost berth, then,” said I, slipping out in the dark to put on my trousers.
Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 67, No. 411, January 1850 Various

closer or closest to the rear or (in a vessel) the stern; last


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