a small party held after a larger event, such as a pop concert or film première, to which only a select group of guests is invited
Contemporary Examples

She skipped the afterparty that night and headed straight home.
Christine at the ‘Frat House’ Rebecca Dana October 12, 2010

In other news, Christian Slater has already hit the afterparty.
Best of the Golden Globes Choire Sicha January 16, 2010

The presentation came off like a pit stop on the way to the afterparty.
Paris Fall Fashion Week Ends With Vuitton and Kanye Robin Givhan March 6, 2012

The hot zone that evening was an afterparty for Distortion, a group show at the Gervasuti Foundation on the Fondamenta S. Anna.
My Biennale Favorites Anthony Haden-Guest June 7, 2009

After the Israel Day Parade this Sunday, there’s an afterparty in the Park—but only for hard-core anti-Oslo right-wingers.
We’re Live-Tweeting the Anti-Peace Bloc at the Israel Day Parade Peter Beinart May 31, 2012


a more exclusive social gathering that takes place after a scheduled party or event such as a concert; also written after-party
Word Origin



A celebration among intimates following another party: When the block party ended, we went to their house for an afterparty

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