Agatha christie

Agatha, 1891–1976, English novelist of detective fiction.
a male given name, form of .
a female given name, form of .
Contemporary Examples

Go missing for a week and, like agatha christie and Judge Crater, you will make news.
Ron Paul’s Nostalgic Appeal Shakes Up the 2012 Primaries Rich Galen December 16, 2011

But there is one juicy morsel in the latest discovery, food for thought for those with an agatha christie complex.
Canada’s Severed-Feet Mystery Winston Ross September 3, 2011

agatha christie and her ilk, that is writers who make the puzzle paramount, are in the minority.
My Imaginary Literary Friends Malcolm Jones February 22, 2014

But at second blush, this situation is a little like an agatha christie mystery.
The Larry Summers Whodunit: Who Killed His Shot at Running the Fed? Daniel Gross September 14, 2013

agatha christie was so partial to cream that she regularly kept some by her typewriter, to sip while she wrote.
Menu for a Moveable Feast: 10 Famous Authors and Their Favorite Foods & Recipes Nicole Villeneuve October 11, 2012

Dame Agatha (Mary Clarissa). 1890–1976, British author of detective stories, many featuring Hercule Poirot, and several plays, including The Mousetrap (1952)
John (Reginald Halliday). 1898–1953, British murderer. His trial influenced legislation regarding the death penalty after he was found guilty of a murder for which Timothy Evans had been hanged
Linford (ˈlɪnfəd). born 1960, British athlete: Commonwealth (1990), Olympic (1992), World (1993), and European (1994) 100 metres gold medallist
William (Lincoln). born 1944, French harpsichord player, organist, and conductor, born in the US; founder (1979) and director of the early-music group Les Arts Florissants
christiania (skiing)

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