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the herdsman of Priam who raised Paris.
a son of Hercules and Omphale.
(in the Iliad) a son of Phradmon who was killed by Diomedes.
(in the Odyssey) one of the suitors of Penelope.
Historical Examples

When he heard that Agelaus had given him to be a prize in the games, he waxed exceeding wrath.
Children of the Dawn Elsie Finnimore Buckley

“I am Paris, the foster-son of Agelaus the herdsman,” he answered.
Children of the Dawn Elsie Finnimore Buckley

With these words he picked up the sword that Agelaus had dropped when he was being killed, and which was lying upon the ground.
The Odyssey Homer

Now one who was called Agelaus stood forward, and directed the wooers to cast spears at Odysseus.
The Adventures of Odysseus and The Tales of Troy Padriac Colum

On the sixth day Agelaus passed that way once more, looking to find the child dead, if any trace of him remained.
Children of the Dawn Elsie Finnimore Buckley

This speech of Agelaus greatly influenced the allies in favour of peace; and Philip more than any one: The peace is ratified.
The Histories of Polybius, Vol. I (of 2) Polybius

Agelaus now took the lead, and at his command six of them advanced and hurled their spears.
Stories from the Odyssey H. L. Havell


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