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to collect or gather into a cluster or mass.
gathered together into a cluster or mass.
Botany. crowded into a dense cluster, but not cohering.
a mass of things clustered together.
rock composed of rounded or angular volcanic fragments.
verb (əˈɡlɒməˌreɪt)
to form or be formed into a mass or cluster; collect
noun (əˈɡlɒmərɪt; -ˌreɪt)
a confused mass
a rock consisting of angular fragments of volcanic lava Compare conglomerate (sense 2)
adjective (əˈɡlɒmərɪt; -ˌreɪt)
formed into a mass

1680s, from Latin agglomeratus, past participle of agglomerare “to wind or add onto a ball,” from ad- “to” (see ad-) + glomerare “wind up in a ball,” from glomus (genitive glomeris) “ball of yarn,” from PIE root *glem-. Related: Agglomerated; agglomerating.


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