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against; opposed to.
Historical Examples

May the blessin’ of God and his holy mother keep you till I see you agin!
Going To Maynooth William Carleton

And it was Larry that turned you agin’ him after he come and joined us.
Way of the Lawless Max Brand

But agin I didn’t take particular notice, looking on myself as called upon to stimilate public feeling.
Library of the World’s Best Literature, Ancient and Modern Volume 11 Various

Si sed: “Yas; counted ’em on the wagon, counted ’em off agin, and counted ’em when I made ’em.”
Uncles Josh’s Punkin Centre Stories Cal Stewart

He said sunthin’ about the might of the majority, and the powerful corporations and rings, and that sot me off agin.
Samantha on the Woman Question Marietta Holley

No, ‘faith, nor Mary Lafferty either, that turned me from the door and shut it agin me.
Jack Hinton Charles James Lever

So we goes on agin, wif the air growing ‘eavier like, and three ‘oles later they both erpeals to me, fer both is cheating.
Mr. Punch’s Golf Stories Various

Some folks have a knack of seeing sperrits, and then agin some hasn’t.
Aunt Jo’s Scrap-Bag, Vol. 5 Louisa M. Alcott

The way women—married women travellin’ alone especially—takes to such swabs is agin Natur’.
Edward Barry Louis Becke

I want to see how it seems to have a man setting opposite me agin.
The Young Miner Horatio Alger, Jr.

an informal, facetious, or dialect word for against


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