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David Hayes, 1818–92, U.S. surgeon.
Spiro T(heodore)
[speer-oh] /ˈspɪər oʊ/ (Show IPA), 1918–96, U.S. politician: vice president 1969–73; resigned 1973.
Historical Examples

I allow you’re a big fool, Agnew, if you think you can do me up in that way!
Frank Merriwell’s Reward Burt L. Standish

Agnew only asked him if he realized what a hole there was to fill.
The Daughter of a Magnate Frank H. Spearman

I shook my head and declined to touch them; but Agnew accepted one of them, and offered his rifle in return.
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder James De Mille

Some were bought by the picture dealer Gambart, and some by Agnew.
An Autobiography Elizabeth Butler

As for Agnew, he took it all in the most unsuspicious manner.
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder James De Mille

Agnew leaned on my shoulder, and we both read it in silence.
A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder James De Mille

The outcast of Port Agnew turned upon Mr. Daney a pair of sea-blue eyes that flashed dangerously.
Kindred of the Dust Peter B. Kyne

“I really do not think I should were I you,” said Mr. Agnew.
Mortomley’s Estate, Vol. II (of 3) Charlotte Elizabeth Lawson Cowan Riddell

Hailey looked at Agnew silently as he spoke; Bucks looked steadfastly at the grasshopper derrick.
Held for Orders Frank H. Spearman

Whoever he was—Agnew, or another man—he has had time to escape!
Frank Merriwell’s Reward Burt L. Standish

Spiro (ˈspɪərəʊ) Theodore. 1918–96, US Republican politician; vice president (1969–73)


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