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arranged or set by common consent:
They met at the agreed time.
to have the same views, emotions, etc.; harmonize in opinion or feeling (often followed by with):
I don’t agree with you.
to give consent; assent (often followed by to):
He agreed to accompany the ambassador. Do you agree to the conditions?
to live in concord or without contention; get along together.
to come to one opinion or mind; come to an arrangement or understanding; arrive at a settlement:
They have agreed on the terms of surrender.
to be consistent; harmonize (usually followed by with):
This story agrees with hers.
to correspond; conform; resemble (usually followed by with):
The play does not agree with the book.
to be suitable; comply with a preference or an ability to digest (usually followed by with):
The food did not agree with me.
Grammar. to correspond in inflectional form, as in number, case, gender, or person; to show . In The boy runs, boy is a singular noun and runs agrees with it in number.
to concede; grant (usually followed by a noun clause):
I agree that he is the ablest of us.
Chiefly British. to consent to or concur with:
We agree the stipulations. I must agree your plans.
Contemporary Examples

The Los Angeles Times put out slightly different numbers Wednesday but agreed on the trend.
Told You So: Obamacare’s Back Michael Tomasky December 11, 2013

Paul called me after the pilot had been sold to Fox and they had agreed to produce them.
‘House’ Finale: Interview With Doctor Lisa Sanders Noah Charney May 20, 2012

She and her husband had agreed to abstain from sex with each other until they were married.
Is the Pill Killing Your Sex Drive? Joyce C. Tang May 16, 2010

Many senior advisers have agreed that a new round of sanctions will be necessary, according to one official.
Obama’s Syria Tightrope: More Sanctions Could Backfire Daniel Stone May 16, 2011

Indeed, besides Blankfein, not a single person currently working at Goldman agreed to speak for this story.
Lloyd Blankfein’s Bittersweet Journey Jacob Bernstein May 1, 2010

Historical Examples

“It’s about as bleak a place for a house as a man could pick,” Lambert agreed.
The Duke Of Chimney Butte G. W. Ogden

We have agreed all to be moved, or none; and not to comply without one another.
Clarissa, Volume 1 (of 9) Samuel Richardson

Aye, so it has, agreed Mrs. Parry Wynn, intelligent an—an—lively.
Through Welsh Doorways Jeannette Augustus Marks

“It was of that first treading that the Skin talked,” agreed the Coyote.
The Trail Book Mary Austin

After measures were agreed upon they were signed and thus promulgated.
The Rise of the Mediaeval Church Alexander Clarence Flick

determined by common consent: the agreed price
an expression of agreement or consent
verb (mainly intransitive) agrees, agreeing, agreed
(often foll by with) to be of the same opinion; concur
(also transitive; when intr, often foll by to; when transitive, takes a clause as object or an infinitive) to give assent; consent: she agreed to go home, I’ll agree to that
(also transitive; when intr, foll by on or about; when transitive, may take a clause as object) to come to terms (about); arrive at a settlement (on): they agreed a price, they agreed on the main points
(foll by with) to be similar or consistent; harmonize; correspond
(foll by with) to be agreeable or suitable (to one’s health, temperament, etc)
(transitive; takes a clause as object) to concede or grant; admit: they agreed that the price they were asking was too high
(transitive) to make consistent with: to agree the balance sheet with the records by making adjustments, writing off, etc
(grammar) to undergo agreement

late 14c., “to be to one’s liking;” also “to give consent,” from Old French agreer “to receive with favor, take pleasure in” (12c.), from phrase a gré “favorably, of good will,” literally “to (one’s) liking,” from Latin ad “to” (see ad-) + gratum “pleasing,” neuter of gratus (see grace (n.)); the original sense survives best in agreeable. Meaning “to be in harmony in opinions” is from late 15c. Related: Agreed; agreeing.


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