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on or into the ground; in a stranded condition or state:
The ship ran aground.
Historical Examples

Unhappily it got aground, and all on board of it were captured.
Across India Oliver Optic

The landing boat was aground, having removed the two passengers.
Sand Doom William Fitzgerald Jenkins

Were not aground, at all events, for they could feel the boat moving down stream under the influence of the current.
The Motor Girls at Camp Surprise Margaret Penrose

This ship, also aground in the Middle Channel, now came into action with a roar.
The Long Roll Mary Johnston

While the brig is aground you’d best stay on board the tug, so’s to be out of the way.
A Runaway Brig; James Otis

The ship was plunging fore and aft—a sure sign that she was not now aground.
The Cryptogram William Murray Graydon

Here I might, to prevent others from falling into one of my errors, point out a rock on which I was aground for a long time.
The Solution of the Pyramid Problem Robert Ballard

“Well, Bob, we must come about or get aground,” I continued.
Seek and Find Oliver Optic

Thinking there was a good channel in a passage through, we got aground; but by good management we got off without damadge.
The Life of Captain Matthew Flinders Ernest Scott

The situation of a vessel when she is aground at the height of spring-tides.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

adverb, adjective
(postpositive) on or onto the ground or bottom, as in shallow water

late 13c., “on the ground,” from a- “on” (see a- (1)) + ground (n.). Of ships and boats, “stranded,” from c.1500.


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