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[e-mee-lyaw] /ɛˈmi lyɔ/ (Show IPA), 1869–1964, Filipino leader during the Spanish-American war: opposed to U.S. occupation.
Historical Examples

He went at once to see Aguinaldo and informed him that the United States consul-general was anxious to see him.
The Philippines: Past and Present (Volume 1 of 2) Dean Conant Worcester

The dapper little officer in khaki was Aguinaldo, and this is the story of how I saw him.
Bamboo Tales Ira L. Reeves

This message was received late Sunday night, April 24th, and was at once communicated to Aguinaldo.
The American Occupation of the Philippines 1898-1912 James H. Blount

Who supposes that to be the liberty for which Aguinaldo is fighting?
Problems of Expansion Whitelaw Reid

The following is, as briefly as I can dispose of it, the story of the capture of Aguinaldo on March 23, 1901.
The American Occupation of the Philippines 1898-1912 James H. Blount

It was to the Tagalos that the insurrecto leader, Aguinaldo, belonged.
Uncle Sam’s Boys in the Philippines H. Irving Hancock

As Luna and Roman ascended the staircase to seek Aguinaldo a revolver-shot was heard.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman

Aguinaldo then spoke aside to the sergeant, to whom he proposed the surrender of their arms.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman

On August 21, 1896, Aguinaldo became leader of the insurgents.
History of Negro Soldiers in the Spanish-American War, and Other Items of Interest Edward A. Johnson

On their arrival there (June 23) Aguinaldo appointed three commissioners to meet them.
The Philippine Islands John Foreman


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