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(italics) an opera (1871) by Giuseppe Verdi.
a female given name.
Contemporary Examples

That the meeting with Kerry took place in the “Aida” hall of the Marriott Hotel seemed somehow appropriate.
Egyptians to John Kerry: Stop Backing Dictators Gameela Ismail March 8, 2013

This article was adapted from one originally written by Aida Qajar for IranWire.
Ayatollah Khamenei’s Cancer Scare IranWire September 19, 2014

The Daily Beast recently spent time in the Aida refugee camp, and refugees there said something similar.
Intifada 3.0: Growing Unrest and a Plot to Kill an Israeli Minister Creede Newton November 20, 2014

Facialist Aida Bacaj, who tends to the pores of Kyra Sedgwick and Carla Gugino, has mixed emotions.
The New Pseudo-Shrinks Beth Landman March 26, 2009

Next stop on Anthony’s culinary crusade is a place near and dear to my heart, Al Rowwad Theatre in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem.
Watching Anthony Bourdain in Palestine Maysoon Zayid September 18, 2013

Historical Examples

She would tell him that he really had not the right to ask her to meet such women as Aida and Alice.
The Pretty Lady Arnold E. Bennett

They needed the Bach to take away the bad taste that Aida had left in their mouths.
Aaron’s Rod D. H. Lawrence

Upon hearing this name Aida exclaims to herself, “My father!”
Stars of the Opera Mabel Wagnalls

While he is lost in thoughts of Aida, the Princess Amneris enters.
Stars of the Opera Mabel Wagnalls

And if she shrugged her shoulders at Aida for being too old, Christine did the same at Alice for being too young.
The Pretty Lady Arnold E. Bennett

1. A functional dialect of Dictionary APL by M. Gfeller.
[“APL Arrays and Their Editor”, M. Gfeller, SIGPLAN Notices 21(6):18-27 (June 1986) and SIGAPL Conf Proc].
2. An intermediate representation language for Ada developed at the University of Karlsruhe in 1980. AIDA was merged with TCOL.Ada to form Diana.
[“AIDA Introduction and User Manual”, M. Dausmann et al, U Karlsruhe, Inst fur Inform II, TR Nr 38/80].
[“AIDA Reference Manual”, ibid, TR Nr 39/80, Nov 1980].


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