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Air base

an operations center for units of an air force.
Aerial Photogrammetry.

a line joining two camera stations.
the length of this line.

the distance between the points on the ground over which an aerial photograph is taken.
Contemporary Examples

You wondered why they couldn’t have found spare soldiers at Balad air base for this.
Whatever You Do Someone Will Die. A Short Story About Impossible Choices in Iraq Nathan Bradley Bethea August 30, 2014

This includes air defense systems and a new batch of F-16 fighter jets scheduled to be delivered to Balad air base.
Iran Offers Iraq ‘Everything it Needs’ to Fight ISIS Eli Lake June 16, 2014

These transactions have continued, even as ISIS has begun to attack government sites, like the Taqba air base.
Syrian Rebels: We’ll Use U.S. Weapons to Fight Assad, Whether Obama Likes It or Not Josh Rogin September 11, 2014

A Royal Navy Pilot sits inside a Lynx helicopter at RAF Odiham air base today ahead of a rehearsal for a Diamond Jubilee flypast.
Royal Navy, Army and RAF Helicopter Crews Prepare Ahead Of The Diamond Jubilee May 17, 2012

Historical Examples

Another half-hour, and its record and pictures were back at the air base, being examined and computed by hungry-eyed men.
Talents, Incorporated William Fitzgerald Jenkins

Clustered on every air base were flights of planes, each one crammed with bombs.
Astounding Stories, February, 1931 Various

In the fall of 1958 matters came to a head at the school near the Little Rock air base.
Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965 Morris J. MacGregor, Jr.

Suddenly they swept away from the hilly country and were over the German air base.
A Yankee Flier in Italy Rutherford G. Montgomery

He slid out in front to lead the way to the American-built air base on the north side of the city.
Dave Dawson at Casablanca Robert Sydney Bowen

Just before the ground-car reached the air base, he said awkwardly, “Thank you, sir.”
Talents, Incorporated William Fitzgerald Jenkins

a centre from which military aircraft operate Also called air station


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