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  • Air bladder

    a vesicle or sac containing air. Also called gas bladder, swim bladder. Ichthyology. a gas-filled sac located against the roof of the body cavity of most bony fishes, originally functioning only as a lung, now serving in many higher fishes to regulate hydrostatic pressure. Historical Examples In the great majority of fishes, a curious sac […]

  • Air blast

    a jet of air produced mechanically. Historical Examples To insure the action of the gap, the arc was blown out by a magnet or air blast. The inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla Thomas Commerford Martin In contrast to this, a “solid” type of fuel injection may be employed to eliminate the complications of […]

  • Airboat

    Also called swamp boat. a small open boat having a very shallow draft and driven by a caged airplane propeller mounted above the rear transom, capable of traveling at relatively high speeds through shallow water, swamps, etc. to go or travel in an airboat. Historical Examples When hiding from the second airboat, he disturbed a […]

  • Airborne

    carried by the air, as pollen or dust. in flight; aloft: The plane was airborne by six o’clock. Military. (of ground forces) carried in airplanes or gliders: airborne infantry. Aeronautics. (of an aircraft) supported entirely by the atmosphere; flying. Contemporary Examples Typhoon fighter jets will patrol the skies, and Puma helicopters will be at the […]

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