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Air castle

a fanciful or impractical notion or hope; daydream.
Historical Examples

It was not easy to take up the old routine and forget the air castle.
Saxe Holm’s Stories Helen Hunt Jackson

All daydreaming builds this air castle; all ambition has this as its goal.
The Nervous Housewife Abraham Myerson

He passes to-day in building an air castle for to-morrow, or in writing yesterday’s elegy.
An English Grammar W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell

This was enough to cause nearly every one to look upon it as a bubble or air castle.
Scientific American Supplement No. 275 Various

Bud started out next day with three different samples for the assayer, and an air castle or two to keep him company.
Cabin Fever B. M. Bower

Moreover, to teach school had long been her secret ambition, the solid foundation of many an air castle.
Rim o’ the World B. M. Bower

But, if you value your peace of mind, do not build too gorgeous an air castle on the foundation of this printed thing.
The Fiction Factory John Milton Edwards

You are not talking airship now, Stanny; it’s an air castle you have in mind.
Our Young Aeroplane Scouts in Germany Horace Porter

“I should like to be the queen of something more substantial than an air castle,” she replied laughingly.
A Fair Mystery Bertha M. Clay

The dreamer of the future will not dare to build an air castle without at least an option on the site.
Major Prophets of To-Day Edwin E. Slosson

a hope or desire unlikely to be realized; daydream


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