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Air conditioner

an device.
Contemporary Examples

Dixon turned on the air conditioner and radio, both full blast, to drown out the thumping.
From Hero to Homeless: Tara Dixon’s Story Paula Broadwell July 3, 2013

The air conditioner finally broke through, and the thick humidity inside the van began to subside.
John Grisham’s Debut Short Story John Grisham October 25, 2009

“You can practically smoke anywhere as there is no designated rooms, just air conditioner,” one reviewer writes.
Edward Snowden Is Livin’ the Dream at Sheremetyevo International Airport Abby Haglage June 24, 2013

Historical Examples

“Your air conditioner seems to be out of order,” Faussel said.
Planet of the Damned Harry Harrison

We sealed the car up, started the air conditioner, and were ready for departure.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science July 1930 Various

The air conditioner whined industriously, bringing down the temperature.
Planet of the Damned Harry Harrison


from air (n.1) + agent noun from condition; along with air-conditioning, first attested 1909, originally an industrial process; main modern use in residences and office buildings is from 1930s.


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    Machinery. to remove the heat of combustion, friction, etc., from (a machine, engine, or device), as by air streams flowing over an engine jacket. to cool by means of air conditioning. verb (transitive) to cool (an engine) by a flow of air Compare water-cool

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