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Air cushion

an inflatable, airtight cushion.
(def 2).
an air bag.
Historical Examples

Politeness is like an air cushion: there may be nothing in it, but it eases our jolts wonderfully.
The Man Who Pleases and the Woman Who Charms John A. Cone

I don’t know whether someone punctured an air cushion just then, or whether it was me heavin’ a sigh of relief.
Torchy, Private Sec. Sewell Ford

The service rendered by the standpipe is similar to that of the air cushion discussed in Section 184.
General Science Bertha M. Clark

But this time the newcomers were three in number and rode in air cushion hover-lorries, the twins of that used by Homer Crawford.
Border, Breed Nor Birth Dallas McCord Reynolds

At many faucets in a city water system such an air cushion is employed.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

Two common devices for controlling sudden changes in the water pressure are the standpipe and the air cushion.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

It had just been equipped with an air cushion, and the men escaped without a scratch.
Charles Frohman: Manager and Man Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman

Even with an air cushion, the “pound” of the water in the pipe when a tap is suddenly closed is often heard.
Physics Willis Eugene Tower

Synchro mechanisms reduced the air cushion as the speeds dropped to afford more surface traction for the tracks.
Code Three Rick Raphael

Politeness is like an air cushion; there may be nothing in it, but it eases the jolts wonderfully.
The Girl Wanted Nixon Waterman

an inflatable cushion, usually made of rubber or plastic
the pocket of air that supports a hovercraft
a form of pneumatic suspension consisting of a constricted volume of air See also air spring


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