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the date of a broadcast or scheduled broadcast.


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  • Air division

    U.S. Air Force. a unit of command within an air force, usually composed of two or more wings.

  • Air door

    a strong current of temperature-controlled air in an entryway, used instead of a door.

  • Air-dry

    to dry by exposure to the air. dry beyond further evaporation. Historical Examples It contained in the air-dry state nitrogen equivalent to 0.58 per cent. Peat and its Uses as Fertilizer and Fuel Samuel William Johnson It has been demonstrated in practice that there is no advantage in allowing sheets to air-dry partially before smoking. […]

  • Airdrie

    a city in central Scotland, near Glasgow. Historical Examples God gave him a home; a beautiful residence, adorned with this name, graces the city of Airdrie to-day. Sketches of the Covenanters J. C. McFeeters He married Janet Moffat, and lived at first in comfortable circumstances at Airdrie, where he owned a cottage and a croft. […]

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