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Air hole

an opening to admit or discharge air.
a natural opening in the frozen surface of a river or pond.
Historical Examples

At Mill Grove he came near losing his life, on a duck-shooting expedition, by falling through an air hole in the ice.
Famous Men of Science Sarah K. Bolton

There will be areas of pure lead, with an air hole here and there.
The Automobile Storage Battery O. A. Witte

If it burns back into the air hole, also turn off the gas and begin again.
Mechanical Devices in the Home Edith Louise Allen

The girls are through the ice—an air hole I guess—come on back!
For the Honor of Randall Lester Chadwick

He could wait for what he wished as the Eskimo sits for days at the air hole until the seal appears.
The Young Trailers Joseph A. Altsheler

Epworth dropped down as silently as possible from the air hole.
The Moon Colony William Dixon Bell

Usually a cap is placed over the air hole while the gas is being ignited.
Mechanical Devices in the Home Edith Louise Allen

If the air hole should get uncovered there would be a tragedy!
Water Wizardry Arthur Ainslie

Near the middle of the lake there was an air hole through which warm air rose to the surface, and there the ice was never thick.
Boys and Girls Bookshelf (Vol 2 of 17) Various

One horse made for the shore, the other plunged into an air hole in the ice.
Fifty Years In The Northwest William Henry Carman Folsom

a hole that allows the passage of air, esp for ventilation
a section of open water in a frozen surface
a less common name for air pocket (sense 1)


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