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Air root

air root
air root
See pneumatophore.


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  • Air route

    a designated route for aircraft flying between particular ground locations at specified minimum altitudes. Historical Examples Even house pets were granted the privilege of traveling by the air route. High Adventure James Norman Hall By the air route he had determined to leave, if by any hook or crook Schneider and himself could get hold […]

  • Air sac

    a sac containing air. (def 2). any of certain cavities in a bird’s body connected with the lungs. a saclike dilation of the wall of a trachea in many insects. noun any of the membranous air-filled extensions of the lungs of birds, which increase the efficiency of gaseous exchange in the lungs any of the […]

  • Air scoop

    an air intake that projects into the airflow around a motor vehicle or aircraft in such a way as to provide a steady flow of air for combustion or ventilation. Contemporary Examples Another time, I was shooting a locomotive and it blew up, and some of the stuff got in my air scoop, but I […]

  • Air scout

    noun a scout belonging to a scout troop that specializes in flying, gliding, etc See Scout Historical Examples Tom had completed his air scout and had refined it to a point where even his critical judgment was satisfied. Tom Swift and his Air Scout Victor Appleton He came a little while after you and Mr. […]

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