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Air scoop

an air intake that projects into the airflow around a motor vehicle or aircraft in such a way as to provide a steady flow of air for combustion or ventilation.
Contemporary Examples

Another time, I was shooting a locomotive and it blew up, and some of the stuff got in my air scoop, but I managed to fly it back.
Dr. Roscoe Brown, A Real-Life Tuskegee Airman, Tells His ‘Red Tails’ Story Marlow Stern January 18, 2012

Historical Examples

Simultaneously the air scoop which had carried air to the generator switched off, transferring to solar heat as a source of power.
The Black Star Passes John W Campbell

Get up some forward speed,” Morey suggested, “so that you’ll have the aid of the air scoop to force the air in faster.
The Black Star Passes John W Campbell

a device fitted to the surface of an aircraft to provide air pressure or ventilation from the airflow


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