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Air shaft

Mining. a ventilating shaft.
Historical Examples

They reached the passage in a cloud of smoke, but it was going up the air shaft and did not fill the passage.
In the Heart of a Fool William Allen White

“I wish we could set the air shaft working,” suggested Sandy.
The Call of the Beaver Patrol V. T. Sherman

I’ll tell you what, Em—you call down the air shaft to Cass, and tell him to send Henny up to make us a nice little coal fire here.
The Story Of Julia Page Kathleen Norris

Scarcely could a man fall in such a way in an air shaft and live.
The Boy With the U. S. Life-Savers Francis Rolt-Wheeler

There were 466 babies in the block (under five years), but not a bath-tub except one that hung in an air shaft.
The Battle with the Slum Jacob A. Riis.

If two galleries in a mine are to be connected by an air shaft, how shall it be planned so as to save labor?
The Teaching of Geometry David Eugene Smith

There was a scramble for the buckets, but no one offered to man the windlass and hoist them up the air shaft.
In the Heart of a Fool William Allen White

Grant looked up the air shaft and saw the fire–little flickering flames lighting up the shaft near the second level.
In the Heart of a Fool William Allen White

One way is to keep a large fire at the bottom of the air shaft.
Diggers in the Earth Eva March Tappan

He ran out of his room and to an air shaft and saw the smoke coming up thickly.
Joe The Hotel Boy Horatio Alger Jr.

a shaft for ventilation, esp in a mine or tunnel


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