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Also called swamp boat. a small open boat having a very shallow draft and driven by a caged airplane propeller mounted above the rear transom, capable of traveling at relatively high speeds through shallow water, swamps, etc.
to go or travel in an airboat.
Historical Examples

When hiding from the second airboat, he disturbed a kelit in the thick brush growing beside the road.
Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone

The airboat and long-range surveillance had been the result.
The Lani People J. F. Bone

As the airboat came in, a couple of men in Assassins’ garb emerged from the pavilion to meet them.
Last Enemy Henry Beam Piper

Salvadro saved that situation by going out and bringing some in from the airboat.
The Keeper Henry Beam Piper

Electric-light units, household-appliance units, aircar and airboat units, any size at all.
The Cosmic Computer Henry Beam Piper

Ravindau led the general through a door and into an airboat lying upon the terrace outside the laboratory.
Skylark Three Edward Elmer Smith

The airboat murmured overhead, hot gold in the sunset light.
The Sensitive Man Poul William Anderson

They saw Fenor die, saw the general’s family board the airboat, saw the orderly embarkation of Ravindau’s organization.
Skylark Three Edward Elmer Smith

Jimenez climbed up onto the airboat and Borch floated the load up to him and then went back into the huts.
Little Fuzzy Henry Beam Piper

The question hung unanswered in the still air of the cabin as the airboat dropped downward.
The Lani People J. F. Bone

another name for swamp boat


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