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given to putting on airs.
Historical Examples

In secret she feared that Helena would be a trifle “airish,” and she felt that would be a pity.
Dorothy’s House Party Evelyn Raymond


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  • Airless

    lacking air. that is without fresh air; stuffy: a dark, airless hallway. that is without a breeze; still: an airless July day. Contemporary Examples Olowu had gotten tired of the Fashion Week slog of runway shows and models posing statically in airless rooms. Designer Duro Olowu Mixes Fashion and Art in Pop-Up Exhibition Robin Givhan […]

  • Airlock

    to place in or confine to an air lock: to air-lock divers before they descend. Historical Examples As he hastened down the passageway toward his office, the airlock sucked the door against its jamb with an ominous whistle. Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1930 Victor Rousseau He passed through the airlock and out into the […]

  • Airmada

    a large fleet or flight of airplanes assigned to a specific mission: shipping lanes guarded by a giant airmada overhead.

  • Airmanship

    the knowledge and ability needed to control and navigate an aircraft. Historical Examples He had long ago arrived at the state of airmanship which makes a pilot into a sensitive inclinometer, acting every way at once. H.M.S. —- Klaxon

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