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any localized airflow.
Contemporary Examples

The event stayed light and refreshing as the golden airstream glowed throughout the evening.
Berlin’s Champagne Food Truck Molly Hannon July 22, 2011

Chris and I are amused by the idea of buying an airstream trailer and trying out material.
Armistead Maupin Bids Farewell to ‘Tales’ Tim Teeman February 1, 2014

In the meantime, he continued his itinerant existence, sometimes living for months in his airstream trailer with no phone.
J.J. Cale, Dead at 74, Was a Songwriter Beyond Compare Malcolm Jones July 29, 2013

One is burned and damaged; another looks like a 1960s-style airstream buried in a pile of old furniture, toys, and other junk.
A Shooting on a Tribal Land Uncovers Feds Running Wild Caitlin Dickson August 25, 2014

a wind, esp at a high altitude
a current of moving air


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