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an air route equipped with emergency landing fields, beacon lights, radio beams, etc.
a passageway by which air passes from the nose or mouth to the air sacs of the lungs.
Medicine/Medical. a tubelike device used to maintain adequate, unobstructed respiration, as during general anesthesia.
any passage in a mine used for purposes of ventilation; an air course.

the band of frequencies, taken collectively, used by radio broadcasting stations:
The news was sent out over the airways immediately.
(def 1c).

Contemporary Examples

Snoring is a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, when your airway collapses or becomes blocked during sleep.
6 Sleep Myths to Finally Put to Bed DailyBurn March 22, 2014

Historical Examples

A little stream ran down through the airway, from which the pail had been repeatedly filled.
The Blind Brother Homer Greene

It was landing almost directly beneath the airway they followed.
Riddle of the Storm Roy J. Snell

The two walked up the airway a short distance, and sat down on a broken prop by the side of the track.
The Blind Brother Homer Greene

We cant get out this way, said Tom; well have to go up through the airway.
The Blind Brother Homer Greene

And he had picked up the line of beacons that marks the airway from Newark to Boston.
The Flying Reporter Lewis E. (Lewis Edwin) Theiss

They went back into the airway, and were met by a similar impenetrable mass.
The Blind Brother Homer Greene

A matter which is easier, and for which straightforward ruling may be framed, concerns the navigation of craft upon the airway.
The Aeroplane Claude Grahame-White and Harry Harper

Here and there the airway was lofty enough to allow us to walk with bent heads and rounded shoulders.
The Making Of A Novelist David Christie Murray

Then, with a glance at the sleeping boy, Come ye up the airway a bit.
The Blind Brother Homer Greene

an air route, esp one that is fully equipped with emergency landing fields, navigational aids, etc
a passage for ventilation, esp in a mine
a passage down which air travels from the nose or mouth to the lungs
(med) a tubelike device inserted via the throat to keep open the airway of an unconscious patient

airway air·way (âr’wā’)

Any of the various parts of the respiratory tract through which air passes during breathing.

A device used to gain an unobstructed route to convey air into and out of the lungs during general anesthesia or when the respiratory passage is blocked.


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