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a small island, especially in a river.
Contemporary Examples

Some, like the ait Atta nomads, still migrate throughout the year.
On Foot in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco Joanna Eede January 21, 2014

Mouha, our charming guide, is from the ait Atta and was born in a black goat-hair tent in the Saharan dunes.
On Foot in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco Joanna Eede January 21, 2014

Historical Examples

Rem penitus explorabo; prius, enim digito tangam, ait uxor, quam dormivero.
The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman Laurence Sterne

Let my beloved come into his garn, an ait his pleasant fruits.
Highways & Byways in Sussex E.V. Lucas

Tum Mcius, quasi beneficium remnerns, ait trecents adversus eum7 su simils conirsse.
Selections from Viri Romae Charles Franois L’Homond

Dolus autem malus in simulatione, ut ait Aquilius, continetur.
De Officiis Marcus Tullius Cicero

Cui ait “Commede, miser, uitulum istum, quia multum eo R1 163c indiges.”
The Latin & Irish Lives of Ciaran Anonymous

The little one below it, called Queen’s ait, now belongs to the Eton boys, who have built a small cottage on it.
The Thames G. E. Mitton

Bono jure, ait, fructus ille ad Gulielmum redeat, ut qui plurimum in opere illo sudarit.
History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. William H. Prescott

“Me id rady he’d get us sometin’ to ait fust, mammy; I’m starvin’ wid hungry;” and the poor child began to cry for food.
Phelim O’toole’s Courtship and Other Stories William Carleton

(dialect) an islet, esp in a river

Advanced Intelligent Tape
assembly, integration, and test
atomic international time


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