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(in India) a learned society


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  • Akamushi disease

    akamushi disease akamushi disease ak·a·mu·shi disease (āk’ə-mōō’shē, ä’kə-) n. See scrub typhus.

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    a language of the Kwa branch of Niger-Congo spoken in much of Ghana and parts of the Ivory Coast. a member of any of various Akan-speaking peoples, including the Ashanti and Fanti. Historical Examples Thus buat-kan (to do) means to do something to (Akan) something or somebody. A Manual of the Malay language William Edward […]

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    Modern Greek name of . Historical Examples Aitlians, Achaians, all the rest, had a share in the overthrow of the mother city of Rome; akarnania was guiltless. Studies of Travel – Greece Edward A. Freeman

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    akaryocyte akaryocyte a·kar·y·o·cyte (ā-kār’ē-ə-sīt’, ə-kār’-) n. A cell having no nucleus. Also called acaryote, akaryote.

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